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Jane Fonda on Vietnam

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Jane Fonda on Vietnam

Published January 29, 1973

Jane Fonda speaks at the University of California in Berkeley on January 29, 1973. She gives an anti-war speech at a rally for Pat Chenoweth, a soldier facing charges of mutiny in Vietnam. The tape is courtesy of the Chenoweth Defense Committee. She speaks about the Mekong Delta, Nixon's role, and the resilience and strength of the Vietnamese. Fonda reads a few excerpts from one of the chief negotiators of the Provisional Revolutionary Government of South Vietnam in Paris which talks about the need for solidarity and the importance of human value over gold. The recording starts with applause. Fonda is not introduced. Recorded at University of California, Berkeley.

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Reviewer: Dave Hart - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 19, 2013
Subject: Learning from History is Hard for Some People
A wonderful recording for people who were either not alive in 1973 or have forgotten the how intense the political atmosphere was at that time. Regardless of one's political leaning, this recording provides a reminder on how an articulate and high profile dissenter, Jane Fonda, communicated her view on what was happening on the ground in Vietnam free of the pervasive spin of government officials. Regardless of one's political bent, this recording is invaluable for it's ability to bring to life the the anti-war political perspective shared by millions near the close of the Vietnam War.
Reviewer: Bryan_G - favorite - November 11, 2013
Subject: traitor
Hearing her celebrate all the American bombers being shot down made me sick to my stomach. She talks about how great socialism is and in general seems to hate America. I've heard about her speeches but now thanks to Internet Archive, I can actually hear first hand and know the truth instead of what others told me...
Reviewer: zensixties - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 25, 2012
Subject: Jane Hanois me!
Interesting propoganda speech by Jane Fonda. A bit one-sided you might say, but she definitely has the gift of speaking.
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